Wednesday, April 18

Are you a wilfer?

I was a wilfer when I started my internet career in 1998. Even now it happens but not very often.

Wondering what is meant by wilfer? It is a new word exclusively used in the internet.

Can you remember the last time you set about searching the net for new breed of dogs but after an hour so forgot your purpose and realized that you are staring at a web page about noodles?

We all get carried away while we are on a particular task but kept clicking away on all the pop ups and pop unders and on the countless ads by Google and other eye catching banners, finally so far away from our intended task that we totally forget where we started.

This jumping from one web site to another is called 'Wilfing' and those who are wilfing are called wilfers.

I was inspired to write this article based on a news from my local daily 'The Hindu' sometime back.

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