Sunday, April 29

Who cares about myspace layout?

Do you? Do you keep changing your 'my space' layout? Does it make it any difference for your image? Does it facilitate better networking?

What exactly does it do?

Do you know that my web directory is bombarded with my space layout submissions? But to me all those offering the layout codes look the same. Nothing like those WP themes. I love them for their appeal and versatility. There must be some purpose in these new layouts and themes.

I am using my default theme only and I have not logged in for nearly 6 months. I am spending some free time only on few bloggers networks like and

I am willing to know more about such networks. Anyone care to share?

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  1. I'd appreciate! I've been planning to get my nose straightened and this blog seems to be very informative for people like me that look out for info on rhinoplasty


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