Wednesday, April 4

Naked Live Lobsters.

I am sorry, I am writing about lobsters immediately after writing about vegetarian food.

What to do, life is like that and I am not in a position to refuse blogging assignments.

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of lobsters in the world and we in South India call lobsters as prawns and in my native Tamil language it is called ‘Yeral’.

I think I am the most unfit person that is writing about lobsters as I am a die hard vegetarian by birth. provides the freshest lobsters available. Each lobster is carefully inspected manually before being packed and shipped the same they are harvested.

If it is caught in the morning, it is sure to reach your home in the afternoon itself. Some of the tips I read in their website throw interesting information.

Here is one:
Do not boil it in water as it will remove much of the natural flavor of the lobsters.

One more:
Lobster blood is a clear fluid. When the animal is cooked, the blood turns to an opaque whitish gel. It has a very mild, almost tasteless flavor and is perfectly safe to eat.

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