Sunday, April 29

Do you Know OOVOO?

My God, what a name? Doesn't it sound ominous and distant?

But it is actually a video conferencing tool like Skype. Mainly due to my ignorance, I had bitter experience with Skype. My system was badly affected with viruses, received constantly spam messages and obscene calls.

So, how different is OOVOO?
They say very positive things like richer connections and expressive conversations.
What is that? Must use it to explain. But not me; not any more. However good it may be, I will never use these kinds of tools such video messaging and video conferencing.

But it is useful to my profession.

There is one thing that looks tempting; livening up our blog with my OOOVOO link.
Let me wait and see.

I will stay put with my dear old YIM.

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