Saturday, April 21

A visitor from Japan.

I was asked to receive and accommodate a lady from Japan by a friend of my husband who runs a social service organization.

I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t know if she will speak English. But to my surprise, she did manage in English and she was surprised that I invited her in to my house.

She asked,”Can I?”

She told me, in Japan, they don’t invite outsiders in their home. As an Indian custom, she had to remove her sandals at the entrance. She also did not mind.

The color of her sandals and something printed on it in bright contrasting colors made me look again at them. A mascot or a logo was there and some Japanese letters.

She came to my rescue explaining about her ‘Old age Care Institute’ she is managing and the flip flops helped her to raise funds for her institute. Then she informed about Bagus Custom and their Simple Fundraising ideas that are very effective for even big names like Toyota, LA Dodgers, Nezzy Surfboards and Hilton.

Bagus Custom’s range of sandals comes in a variety of styles and colors and all can be emblazoned with an organization or business logo or mascot and in just a few weeks the sandals are ready for the fund raiser.

Bagus sandals come in regular shoe sizes, children through adult, or can be ordered in small, medium, and large sizes.

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