Saturday, April 21

Do you know Plazoo.

The image below can take you to Plazoo.
RSS Search

As you might save seen by now, it is a RSS search engine where one can submit their website's or blog's feed.

I just submitted my blog feed

Probably many may not know the power RSS search engines. Once fed, we may not know who subscribes to the feed but it is done by many if your content is really good. For example, I have subscribed to the feeds of many blogs and news agencies.

I remain updated mostly on blogging mainly because of reading various feeds.

Salient feature in Plazoo:
"You do not need to surf the net all over to find the feeds you are interested in. myPLAZOO does it for you. And of course, you can add the personalized myPLAZOO feed easily to any external RSS reader. "

I have decided to make use of it fully and completed my registration.

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