Wednesday, April 18

One more adsense alternative.

Another joined the band wagon of contextual advertising industry. I think I lost count on their number. I only remember to have blogged about a few in the past. is the one that I stumbled onto today. They offer many types of ads that include the usual text and banner ads, xml feeds, graphic banners and pop ups too.

They promise up to 80% of their advertising revenue to their publishers. They pay by cheque when your earnings reach a minimum of $25 and it is paid every month.

Wait! There is even an offer of 10% referral income on the revenues generated by your referred webmaster.

The FAQ do not more light and you can contact them if you have any more questions through their contact form.

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  1. Google Adsense is a very profitable program but there are times when its worthwhile to explore an Adsense Alternative. My favourite is PeakClick. PeakClick's goal is to make you as successful as possible in all your pay per click efforts. It offers its publishers the highest bids in the PPC industry, with their system set up to receive bid offers from 12 other companies, PeakClick can choose the highest paying offers and pass them easily to you. PeakClick also has some of the highest payouts. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue generated each month. PeakClick even has a three level affiliate program. You can receive 5% of the affiliate's income you refer, plus 2% of any affiliates they refer and 1% of any affiliates income the second tier of affiliates refer. PeakClick is rated as having some of the best technology available to serve relevant ads. This translates into higher click through rates and the ability to maximize revenue easier. Want more reasons to join, here are just a few: Sign up is free, Extremely easy to set up and implement, Real time statistics, One of the highest pay out rates in the industry (70%), One of the top affiliate programs (earn commissions on 3 separate sales levels), Get paid every 15 days, High quality customer service and technical support. Here You can register.


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