Wednesday, April 18

My unpleasant experience with Samsung.

I still rue my decision to buy a Samsung mobile phone in spite of my son's advice against it. I thought I knew better than him.

Moreover, after all, Samsung is a world renown company and I did not imagine they will supply faulty instruments. I trusted them and I bought one for Rs.7500 and my husband bought one for Rs.19500.

We bought it in Dec 2005 and we have in our hands, very faulty instruments. My husband emailed and got response that it will be looked into. Nothing happened. A reminder sent and another followed but greeted with silence.

My husband took his phone to their authorized service center which could only accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. He had to stand outside under hot sun and finally was called in. The service technician took his own time to really attend to me. After hearing, he went in and came back after 15 minutes to ask another question and again went in.

My husband could clearly see the technician's inability to diagnose the problem, got frustrated and came out annoyed.

That is Samsung for you.

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