Thursday, March 8

How about saving £288 by purchasing a Nokia N73 mobile?

To me, it is one of the best offers while looking for a cheap mobile that I can buy online. A major advantage of buying online is I can leisurely compare the prices of several mobile phones.

In the past, I had visited a few mobile phones trade shows which are always crowded and I experienced great difficulties in even talking to the stall owner.

The phone spot web site displays a vast collection of celluar phones that are offered with excellent money saving schemes with up to £500. Every phone you purchase from them comes with a 3 month insurance coverage against theft and damage. This is the first time I ever come across with such a fabulous offer.

Free delivery, price guarantee, secured shopping are some of the additional features of phone spot. Also, one can keep their existing mobile phone number when switching to another network under certain terms and conditions.

I can say is complete one stop resource for your mobile needs being a division of U.K’s largest and the most respected mobile leader ‘Carphone Warehouse’,

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