Sunday, March 25

I was introduced to Coupon Chief in a Hindi movie.

The time now is 2.35 pm and it is a Sunday here in Madras, India. I just got up during commercial break while watching a Hindi movie.

The scene location was a house in Paris where a delivery van just delivered some big cartons that contained Note Book PC from Dell, a diamond necklace from Zales and plenty of food boxes. What caught my attention was the tag Coupon Chief attached to all the cartons, even though the merchandise was from different vendors.

Aroused by curiosity, I did look up at Coupon Chief website and immediately was awe struck by hundreds of thousands of products that every man and woman purchases in their life time. And the discount offered was fabulous (up to 70%).

Coupon Chief must be a big leader in discount coupon and they have tied up with all the top brands in the world such as Dell, Zappos, Blue Nile, Bostonian and Clark's and oh the list is endless.

You never have to step out again of your house to buy anything that you need. This online shopping facility can save anyone with time and money. We can compare and shop leisurely.

I just took some time off and browsed through Blue Nile where I had the opportunity to design my own diamond necklace virtually. What a fantastic idea.

Coupon Chief is the best online shop that one can find.

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