Saturday, December 30

Do you know nearly everyone hates their job.

More than 75% of employees are currently looking for new jobs, according to a poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management and The Wall Street Journal's

How can that be so high? Well, on average, 12% of their organizations' work forces has voluntarily resigned since the beginning of the year. The report also find that HR goons are scrambling to figure out how to keep their employees.

Source: Tech Gigger

But why?

In my opinion, people take the job as it comes due to various reasons and they end up naturally worn out because they happen to do their job without any real passion. They find it monotonous and boring.

So what's the solution?
Simple! By really changing their attitude and start deriving pleasure from their competence.
Whatever be the nature of job, if you start giving your 100%, you will not even think of quitting any job.

I practice this always.

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