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Do you know TIVO?

This is a wonderful news reader.

I hope you might have seen the latest television launched by the L.G.

In this new television, you can record your favourite programs and view it later without the annoying hindrance of the commercials.

How this is achieved?
This is actually a gadget that has the facility to capture live television program and store it in an internal hard disc for future screening. This process is also termed as “time shifting”.

TIVO (pronounced tee-voh) is a very well known DVR (digital video recorder) product that is also commonly known as a “personal video recorder” or PVR. In simple terms, it can be defined as equipment that allows the viewer to record a particular television program for later viewing.

The operation of TIVO is somewhat similar to the common VCR. However, unlike the latter, it uses non detachable hard disc storage and much chic software to record the programs that the viewer requests for and the others on the same line that he might be interested in. Moreover, it also gives the viewer the facility to “pause” or “rewind” a “live” show to repeat a series that was viewed sometime back.

This is because the TIVO device continuously records the television signal that is being received by the viewer. Hence the viewer gets this opportunity to “rewind” a “live” TV program or even “pause” it within a gap of 30 minutes.

A TIVO user can specifically request for recording some programs based on their time, titles and even mentioning the names of directors and actors. TIVO then selects the shows, based on the catalog of all the programs that are accessible to the requestor and the satellite service used in that area, and records them.

The shows recorded by this device can be stored until the internal memory is full, after which it deletes the old programs and makes space for the new.

Two more great features that are:

*Seasons pass:
This is a feature in which the TIVO is given an instruction to record a particular show in a specific channel for the whole season along with the choice of taking footage of “First Run only”, “First run and repeats” and “all episodes”.

*28 day rule:
In this feature the TIVO keeps an account of all the programs that it stores and ensures that the same series is not recorded in the next 28 days.

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