Thursday, December 7

No more called as cheap labour.

Anything relevant to Indian netizen will awaken my curiosity instantly. But I suppose it is only too natural.

For long, I too have heard about the available 'cheap labour' in India and in other Asian countries and grimaced at the wrong word. But I never thought of expressing my protest through blogs.

I happen to read an article on this by Adwait Joshi in 'ere' blog network.
He has raised this question based on the following fact.

"Would you still call India "cheap labor" country"?

"For past few years, India as moved up the value chain. Instead of just being a staff augment provider, we have forayed in Outsourced Product Development (OPD). Instead of just being a system integrator, we have set up R & D shops for global companies and contributed to it. We have enhanced our technical expertise over the time more than the US counter parts".

He concluded like this:
"I might have settled for "Affordable Labor" couple of years back. But today, we are expensive, not for ourselves only, but for the MNC's also".

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