Wednesday, October 18

Buy Gold in London and store it in Zurich.

Do you wish to buy just one gram of gold online and store it in Switzerland?

As a simple private individual, previously you have to have a lot of money to buy gold online and sell it online because of the entry level with 15 to 20 big gold bars.

But now people from all over the world can own gold, and keep it in any quantity in officially recognized bullion vaults - in London (UK), New York (USA), or Zurich (Switzerland).

And the actual online buying and selling of gold is unbelievably simple with BullionVault and storing and selling is also made very simple from just one gram up.

The gold you buy is stored in the Brinks vault of your choice in New York, London or Zurich.
I assume you know about Brinks, because their armored truck is ubiquitous all over the world transporting money between banks and government-run mints.

But for a new bullion investor, Brinks is the largest vault operator and secure transportation business on Earth. They have regional offices in about 50 countries and operations in even more.

Their dependability can be derived from the fact that in 143 years, nothing has been lost from a Brinks long term storage vault.

BullionVault is owned by Galmarley Limited registered in Great Britain.

BullionVault achieves its significant cost savings for you through automation, which enables Galmarley to operate with a full time staff of just three-Paul Tustain (CEO), Alex Edwards, and Kris Jenkins.

Unlike privately stored bars, a BullionVault bar retains the good delivery status for sales back into the professional bullion markets, where prices are highest. This eliminates one of the biggest costs in private bullion ownership.

BullionVault customers also save because they deal directly with each other - willing seller to willing buyer - via BullionVault's public order board. Members can act as market makers making quotes direct to each other.

Another important feature is BullionVault gold is real physical gold which you own. It is unlike unallocated gold, gold accounts, futures, pool accounts, and even trust based products like gold certificates and Exchange Traded Funds because in BullionVault the gold you own is your property - outright.

It is very easy to become a member of BullionVault and most people join simply to buy some gold at a very good price, and to store it safely without having lots of hassle.

Be a proud to be a customer of BullionVault.

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