Wednesday, October 11

Guaranteed method to change your bottom line to green.

Internet is now overflowing with business failure news.

I am a subscriber to several financial news feeds and I am not shocked any more when I read that another small firm has entered a cul de sac, because that is being reported more and more now a days.

New figures from Barclays show that the number of business closures in the second quarter of 2006 was 104,200, up from 80,800 in the same period the year before.

Meanwhile, research from insurer Royal & Sun Alliance suggests an extra 2,600 businesses will fail by 2020.

News source: uk.

These news agencies instead of just reporting about failures can also play supportive roles to these failing enterprises by making them aware of Acorn System’s revenue management software, which I feel is the only answer to stop losing.

Acorn combines a unique and proven consulting methodology with a highly scalable, sustainable software platform to provide a superior profit improvement solution.

Most of the high ranking officials in a business concern may not readily confess their bad decisions. By providing the foundation for sound decision making, the Profit Improvement Company Acorn Systems enables companies to achieve their performance management objectives.

In their words, “Our solutions enable you to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more”.

“We are FOCUSED so that we can deliver on our mission of helping our customers QUICKLY and DRAMATICALLY improve their profitability”.

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