Friday, October 20

Do you know Spamdexing?

You must know about spamdexing before you are entrapped in its vicious swirls without knowledge.

If you use some of the short cuts that are in abundance in the internet to deceive the search engine spiders in order to get in to the top ten search results, then you are doing spamdexing.

In short, you should never mislead the search engines with false techniques to get a higher rank which your website actually does not deserve.

Put yourself in the shoes of information seekers; how will you react if you are fed with dull websites with no quality content for your search efforts?

Please be aware that search engines use a variety of algorithms to determine page rank. In lay man terms, it may look for proper META Tags, correct keywords in the home page content tag etc.

Don’t assume search engines are mere programs; they can easily detect both the content spam and link spam.

If you have an ardent wish to take your products to those who are really searching for, then you must learn the strategies of Local Marketing. And to capture the attention of your target customers, your website should be in the first page of search results naturally.

The ultimate answer is to optimize your website as per search engines' expectations and this work can be safely entrusted with a thorough professional SEO company like You need their services to rank at the top of the search results.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization services is an annuity that will pay dividends for a long time.

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