Saturday, November 25

Warning! You may end up buying more diamonds here than you intended to.

Absolutely fascinated by all those fairy tales, I was sure that a beautiful prince from a far way land will offer me the most gorgeous looking diamond engagement ring and ask for my hand.

But it was not to be in real world though my in-laws gifted me a pair of ancient diamond earrings that belonged to their family. But then diamond buying those days involved a lot of leg work as one has to visit stores after stores and the choice was limited to only a handful of loose diamonds.

Nowadays it is a different story. One can buy discount diamonds online from over 80,000 varieties of all shapes and sizes from the comfort of their home from a single source.

The ‘source’ I meant was not just a petty jewelry shop but a public limited company.
This implies that they must operate at a higher standard than most. They report quarterly to not only their investors, but to independent reviewers as well as the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission. This means you can rest easy knowing that you are buying from a company that offers only the highest level of service and satisfaction with discount diamond jewelry.

Who would not like a 10 day, no questions asked return policy on our diamonds?
Do you know that you can have the diamond literally in your hand for 10 days to look it over, have it appraised, ask your friends, or whatever you like. If you are not 100% satisfied just send it back.

That is why I predict a buyer may end up buying more diamonds than originally intended to.

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