Friday, November 10

The best site for UFO information.

Human kind has a great fascination for wonders that are unexplained scientifically.

There are thousands of stories weaved around our imagination in areas that continue to baffle us like Fairy Angels, witches, after death experiences, Herculean feats by men and animals.
As children, we have read so many fairy tales, distant lands that are filled with talking animals and birds.

We all still retain our child like fascination for those wonders even now. That’s why stories and facts are passed onto generations and generations.

The modern day astronaut’s quest for gaining more knowledge in such mysteries and consequent expeditions to space and moon continue to keep us enthralled.
One of the so far not fully resolved mysteries is life in other planets. We are all in fact awaiting such close encounter of the third kind.

Since the sighting of an UFO in modern era was reported as late as in 1942, scientists and ordinary human beings are immediately attracted whenever an article or a news item about those flying saucers appears in offline print media.

Now, won’t the netizens who hold high fascinations for UFO will be happy if they are introduced to an exclusive website for UFO and other space related news and articles?

Do you know that in 1988 a memorial plaque was installed at the lighthouse where Frederick Valentich, who disappeared after a close encounter with a UFO?

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