Tuesday, November 14

Boost up your ego a lilltle.

Thinking of yourself as a thorough bred blogger?

How about rubbing your ego with some international recognition?

There is going to be a blogging essay competition from WeblogToolsCollection.com.
The competition starts today and will stay open for the next 30 days.

*1000 words or more.
*The essays should be centered around blogging and online media; the topic could be anything related.
*New essays only. Nothing published previously please.
*You may publish the essay elsewhere, but you legally allow it to be published here.
*Competition will be judged only if there are ten entries at the least.

Prizes (Paypal only):
$150 for the best article
$50 for the runner up

If interested to accept this challenge, please visit the link below.
Essay Competition.

Good luck to you.

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