Tuesday, November 14

Do you know snarfware?

Snarfer is simply the best way to read, search and manage RSS feeds. Using Snarfer people can become functional RSS users within seconds of installing it.

An advanced feature in Snarfer is I have a Search Wizard that enables users to construct complex searches for items or information contained on eBay or Craig list.

The search results are returned to Snarfer utilizing the specific functions supported by these communities. These searches are intelligent and persistent, automatically returning new results to Snarfer every time the feed is updated.

Another exciting feature is the addition of Bloglines synchronization. Using the free Bloglines service, Snarfer can synchronize feeds using the Bloglines online database. Users can then access and update both Snarfer and Bloglines anytime, and from anywhere.

Bloglines synchronization so now users can access feeds from anywhere;
Keyword watches allow users to filter incoming messages into custom folders;
Browser controls in preview pane;
eBay intelligent and persistent search results of items;
Craig list intelligent and persistent search results of items including support for multiple city searching;
Web search of popular RSS/Blog search engines including: Blogdigger, Bloglines, Blogpulse, Feedster, Google Blog Search, IceRocket, MSN Search, and Sphere;
E-mail articles to others;
Export selected feed lists as OPML files and email.

Snarfware, LLC is located in Naples, FL and London, UK

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