Friday, November 10

Do you know counselog?

Just I was viewing my previous post, I saw an ad by google with a title ‘Counseling Software’.

The curiosity in me took the better of me and here I am sharing with you what I just learnt, served hot.

Counselog is the name of a simple but comprehensive counseling and psychotherapy logging tool.

I reproduce here from counselog.
“Are you a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist?
For that matter someone who has to keep records of their activities, supervision and training?
Would you like your records to be kept tidily, securely and easily?

Then have a look at Counselog! It was designed in consultation with professional therapists. It is proven in use with 170 Users to date. It is continually being further improved according to Users' experience and suggestions”.

Counselog is a MS Windows XP-based logging system for counsellors with which you will…
*log counselling sessions quickly and easily
*keep your information secure and confidential
*write up associated detailed session and supervision records in MS Word
*associate any on-line documents with Clients and/or their sessions
*record your supervision and training
*print logs and records for accreditation and other specific purposes
*record several counsellors’ information separately on the same PC/laptop
*produce status reports
*find the information you need easily

Visit the site if you are interested in learning fully.


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