Saturday, September 13

Do you know Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is not the name of any place on planet earth. It is used to describe some unusual coincidences that are often considered as meaningful.

You can come across this term 'Synchronicity' in psychological books and spirituality books. Some may call this as miracle.

This word was first coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the experience of two or more causally unrelated events that are conceptually similar and have very little chance of occurring together randomly—such as the discovery of the same idea by two different people at approximately the same time. Jung felt the principle was conclusive evidence for his concept of the "collective unconscious,".

For example, when you follow certain new methods to control your mind's uncontrollable journey, you notice strange events, new acquaintances that will lead you to your desire or goal. This turn of events are called synchronicity.

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