Saturday, September 13

Do you know wish fulfilling trees?

I am not kidding. There are beliefs that certain trees are capable of fulfilling our wishes. Of course, faith and belief play the major part here.

Hindu mythology quotes incidences and trees for granting wishes. Even water bodies such as tanks and rivers are said to possess such powers.

Wish trees are individual trees which have been distinguished—often by species, position, or appearance—as the objects of wishes. Visitors commonly offer up coins, liquor, and other gifts in order to gain fulfillment of their desires.

Among the most famous wish tree visitors was Queen Victoria, whose 1877 visit to an oak in the Scottish Highlands brought it much fame.

One such tree is hawthorn (see image above) which still stands near Ardmaddy House in Argyll, Scotland. The trunk and branches are covered with hundreds of coins which have been driven through the bark and into the wood. The local tradition is that a wish will be granted for each of the coins so treated.

Are Christmas trees connected to the concept of wish trees?

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