Saturday, September 20

Do you know Salerno butter cookies?

Salerno butter cookies are said to be the tastiest butter cookies. But I heard that it is not available all over America. I think one can buy them in Chicago area only.

I once tasted them long back when someone brought Salerno butter cookies from the U.S. I don't even remember who brought them elae I would have gained more information on it.

Now, suddenly, a question I read about it somewhere in the web kindled my memories and I am now craving for Salerno butter cookies.

I did a search in the Yahoo! but nothing was in its search results. Any help please?

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  1. I too was craving cookies. I thought about Salerno butter cookies. I now live in MN and I could not find them anywhere.

    I went to google. I was able to find one site that did not sell them for forty-six dollars.

  2. go to google. I too was craving them. I found one place that wasn't asking $46.00 for a box.

  3. Salerno butter cookies are arriving back on store shelves in Chicagoland. If you can't find them maybe I can get you more info or send them to you (I sell them to stores out here)


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