Monday, September 29

Do you know head transplant?

Yes, I mean head of an animal or man being replaced with the head of a similar species of course! (Smile)

Was it ever done successfully-the head transplant?
Yes, a monkey was fortunate to have fitted with the head of another monkey as early as in 1970. But successfully? No is the answer. Yes, the fitted perfectly and this new organ was accepted by the body but the part of the body below the head was totally paralyzed.

Can a man expect this miracle for their benefit?
Of course not yet! The reason is this:
"A human head transplant would most likely require cooling of the brain to the point where all neural activity stops. This is to prevent neurons from dying while the brain is being transplanted. Ethical considerations have thus far prevented any reported attempt by surgeons to transplant a human being's head"

I dare not think of me having another head! It is so bizarre even to think-eh?

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