Friday, September 12

Do you know Urine Dipstick?

I don’t want to relive all the not so pleasant memories but still, just for information purpose, let me briefly tell you what is a Urine Dipstick?

It is an easy way to find out the presence of Albumin in the urine. Albumin is a form protein which if exceeds the prescribed level can cause Female Urinary Tract Infections. Women are most vulnerable to Urinary Tract Infections.

I have gained pages of information about this infection, causes, symptoms and treatment from Epocrates Online Inc, developers of medical software used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals.

Yes, I also owe my gratitude to my sister-in-law, a gynecologist who tirelessly treated me for urinary infection several times in the past.

Clinicians seeking information online or patients interested in learning more about their health care can visit for access to this free resource.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

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