Tuesday, September 16

Do you know The Huaorani?

The likeness of Japan is surely deceiving us because the word refers to something definitely not Japanese.

What is it then?
The actual meaning of Huaorani is 'human'. This refers to a sect of people living in the depth of Amazon jungles. They are said to be of native of Ecuador.

Now, there are only about 2000 of Huaorani people. They speak a language called Huao Terero. Several Huaorani communities have rejected all contact with outsiders and move often to progressively more isolated areas.

In 1956, a group of five American missionaries, led by Jim Elliot and pilot Nate Saint, made contact with the Huaorani in what was known as Operation Auca. Two days after friendly contact with three Huaorani, all five of the missionaries were killed in a spearing attack by a larger group from the same Huaorani clan.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

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