Thursday, January 22

Do you know Beehive Tombs.

Dromos entrance to the Treasury of AtreusImage via WikipediaDon't mistake Beehive tomb is a burial place for bees. A tomb is a burial place for monarchs of the Mughal era. To my knowledge, tombs became famous in India only during the Muslim rule.

A beehive tomb which is also known as the Tholos tomb is a burial structure. The tomb consists of smaller rings of mud bricks thus giving it look of a beehive.

The architecture of beehive shaped tombs is credited to the Neolithic age.

History says that beehive tombs were also used for different purposes such as homes in Cyprus, ritual in Syria, and even fortification in Spain and Sardinia.

These beehive tombs may not interest you and I but I am sure my husband would spend at least half a day at these sites and imagine himself to be a stone age monarch.

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