Tuesday, June 26

Shopping in Disneyland.

I was advised several times not to forget the shopping in Disneyland. Disneyland is famous for not only for theme parks and dinner shows but shopping too can be an unforgettable experience.

Sure, I intend to do quite a lot of shopping as I have to oblige several relatives and friends.
My first stop of course will be at Marceline’s Confectionary. My husband is crazy about pastries and candies even at this age.

For mementos and gifts, it will have to be Department 56. Liquid Planet is another popular ‘must-visit’, while in Disneyland. The store has exclusive beach-ware and surfing gear.

The most important shopping is to be done at Club Libby Lu that sells make-up products. But where do I get video games that are based on Disney characters? I cannot go back o India without them. My brother's daughter will not let me in her house without that.

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