Monday, June 11

S.Angel Castle and my memories.

I just returned from a short trip to Goa, a city full of magnificent Churches and Forts.

When I visited St.Francis Xavier church, I was awe struck. It is the best church I have ever seen. It is believed to be 400 hundred years old and said to contain the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

This church was more beautiful than the S. Angel Castle in Rome but I had pleasant memories of Italy overall. Our family stayed in A La Roma dei Papi Hotel de Charme Rome and man what a hotel that was. We reserved in that hotel through Easy to and in fact it was the easiest thing to do when we planned our European tour.

Though the tour was little bit short, we managed to cover a lot of places and the other memorable place was Barcelona in Spain. It was as hot as my Madras so we were on familiar grounds though the language Spanish was tough to understand.

I have bookmarked for my future European tour but that won’t happen in the near future.

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