Wednesday, June 20

Get dropped!

For our new house at the foot of the hills, (hey, the house is not yet ready but the hills are), we were going over a big list of items that are to be purchased during this weekend.

As usual, a brawl started up over the choice of bird perches; I wanted only one but my husband wanted 3. Ok, 3 it was and he had his say as ever.

We decided to recheck again in the morning and retired for the night. By noon, next day, our regular post man walked from the gate and knocked our door. He suggested us to install a mail box since the monsoon is just around the corner.

I thanked him sincerely for the reminder and looked up at the internet for some new kind of mailboxes. In about 7 minutes I was staring at a range of stunning looking residential mailboxes. Go ahead; you too stare at it below.

Isn’t it beautiful? Once at my porch, I am sure it is going to be the neighbors’ envy but owner’s pride. I am going to paint “Get Dropped here” over my mailbox in bright yellow color.

When I showed by husband about my findings, he too patted me and researched further for commercial mailboxes that his factory could use. Yes, he identified what he wanted and bought it without any second look.

Commercial Mailboxes

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  1. There's a lot of mailbox options available! Pick a novelty mailbox to represent a favorite thing or pastime. You can even put your own picture on a custom mailbox! Another idea would be to choose a security mailbox to protect your mail because mail theft is a growing problem.


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