Friday, June 29

Do you know Kirthar Range?

I have written about several holiday destinations in the western world. For a change I thought I could visit my neighbor Pakistan.

Kirthar National Park is also second largest Wildlife Park in Kirthar range. Kirthar and is located between the Balouchistan and in Karachi, this hilly area is covered with limestone hills are rise from 4000 to nearly 8000 feet and surround by a fossilized remnants from distinct ages from ancient times.

It extends southward for about 190 miles (300 km) from the Mula River in east-central Balochistan to Cape Muari (Monze) west of Karachi on the Arabian Sea.

The inhabitants of the region, chiefly Balochi, Sindhi, and Brahui tribes, subsist by flock grazing. Gabol being the major Baloch tribe living here.

Rare species of Animals found in Kirthar National park like, Sindh Wild Goat, Indian Fox, Egyptian vulture, Indian Pangolin, Desert Wolf, Chinkara Gazelle, Honey Badger, Jackal, Asiatic leopard, Bonnelli's eagle, Stripped Hyena, Jungle cat, and also a numbers of reptile and bird species found in Kirthar national park.


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