Thursday, June 7

Don’t buy! I will give it for free.

If you browse through your cupboard or loft, you will be amazed at the clutter that you have piled up over a period which you either are not using it at all or use it very rarely.

Some of the items might not have left its’ place for years. What do you do with them?
You either lend it or just give it away for free.

Who will borrow or take it away?
Anyone that requires them.

How will I contact them?
Through Social Way of course.

SocialWay is a place where you can share stuff with anyone - friends, people in your neighborhood, workplace, and school or just about anyone - for FREE.

On SocialWay, you can find all kinds of things that you would prefer to borrow and not buy. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can put it on your wish list and see if there are any matches. You can also share your own things to lend or give away, with control over who can see your items.

You can also see the environmental impact of your SocialWay activities through the Emissions Saved and the SocialWay RootprintTM figures.

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