Tuesday, June 12

Do you know Moolgiri?

Indians are more like to know what is Moolgiri than westerners. Or should I say, rice eaters are more likely to know because Moolgiri is a speciality rice for diabetics that was launched yesterday in Madras by the world famous Agriculturist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan.

This rice is said to contain low glycemic which is good for diabetics. My husband,a diabetic used jump on any products that is advertised as good for diabetics only to dump the new food supplement or main food itself in just two days after trying it.

I think this is applicable to every diabetic person. Finally, they all take refuge in their medicines and injections only.

India grows over 50k varieties of rice.

News inspiration: The Hindu

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    Where can we find this rice. I am a type 2 diabetic and would like to try this rice. Is there somewhere in the USA I can buy this rice? I would also like to put this info on my diabetic recipes blog. Will visit often to read new articles. Have a great day

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