Sunday, June 10

Don't worry men!

My husband used to question those fashion and beauty magazines, "Are they unaware of men?
Why all these magazines always features beauty products for women only, after all they decorate for the sake of attracting men only?"

Hmm.. a valid question I must admit. To satisfy his ego, I searched the Internet and found out Grooming Lounge.

The Grooming Lounge is the country's premiere destination for quality men's grooming products and services. Whether a man is looking for a new shaving regimen, a hair product, a skincare solution or a way to deal with an embarrassing problem, the Grooming Lounge can help.

"Grooming Lounge is a company dedicated to offering the myriad of grooming solutions available. If something works, we want to give men the option of benefiting from such solution. Be it blade, electric, solar and so on" says their web site.

Come on men, spread the word before you spread the new shaving gel on your stubble.

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