Tuesday, June 26

Take free wall clocks.

A notice board with the above words was hung on the gate of my neighbor.

I attended my neighbor’s son’s marriage last week. Due to lack of time, I did not buy any gifts but presented a gift check.

But why this notice all of a sudden. When I found out the reason, I burst out laughing. It seems the bridegroom has received 11 wall clocks as gift. And he said he has only 10 walls to hang all of them.

He was terribly disappointed. As a matter of fact, he will not even wear a watch because he hates to look at the time. He gets tensed when somebody reminds him the time.

Are the citizens of Madras that dull? Can they not come up with some novel gift ideas?After all wedding favors are symbols of cherished memories

If people don’t have time to go to shop, they can always shop online. I too felt guilty for not looking up at the internet that has some great Wedding Superstores from where I could have ordered something unique.

I bookmarked shopforweddings.com for my future reference.

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