Tuesday, June 26

Go ahead, cancel your holiday trip.

Of course you will be asked to provide a valid reason for the cancellation of your pre-planned vacation booking but still you will get refunded up to 100%. Yes, dear, ‘refund’ up to 100% if your reason is covered in Trip Protection that you bought from the travel insurance veteran dealer TravelSafe.

In our fast paced life, anything can happen at anytime catching us off guard. We would not have anticipated an event that would jeopardize our much awaited vacation. When I planned our family vacation for Goa and arranged all the travel related matters well in advance, I did not anticipate my son’s campus interview to clash with our dates.

Sometimes, if these situations are not covered under our standard travel insurance protection, we stand to lose heavily if we cancel our trip. With Travelsafe.com premium travel insurance policy, if your reason for the cancellation is covered, you are still covered for up to 100 %.

Visit their website travelsafe.com and read about all their travel insurance plans or call (800) 523-8020 anytime.

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