Tuesday, June 26

Where is marine park?

Oh, I am sorry, I rephrase my question: Where is the Marine Park in U.K.?

Marine Park holiday park can found in Rhyl in Denbighshire. There is a heated indoor pool that is surrounded by lovely beaches. Denbighshire is a principal area and county in North Wales. It is named after the historic county of Denbighshire.

English countryside is said to be absolutely idyllic and tales set on those ranches are always fascinating. Recently my cousin has settled there and sent me wonderful images of her farm.

The Suncentre:
The Rhyl Suncentre features an indoor leisure swimming pool featuring an indoor monorail, as well as Europe's first indoor surfing pool.

The Marine Park is a popular tourist destination, with fairground rides a miniature steam train that travels around the lake, a playground and numerous water sports clubs.

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