Sunday, June 10

Watching flamingos from Phoenix Condo.

“The most captivating sight is to watch the big flamingos dive in to lake, from a high rise condominium. I would sacrifice all the so called worldly comforts for this one sight.”

When my relative living in one of the Phoenix Condos located at Fountain Hills emailed thus, along with a video clip of what she described, I wish I were there sharing her happiness.

Fountain Hills occupies the extreme Northeast corner of Maricopa County outside of the Valley proper and on the down slope into the Verde River Valley.

The Condominiums at Fountain Hills tend to be a little more upscale than the average across the Valley, though not so much as to put them out of the reach of upper middle class buyers.

My relative’s love for isolation made her choose this particular location and she was open in her appreciation for the Condo Company’s selection of the location.

When the launched their Condo List, my relative took no time in identifying her condo. The website made it easy for her to contact the seller directly and completed the transaction without any hassle.

If you are looking for condos in Phoenix is your number one source!

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