Tuesday, June 19

Her name was Tracy Pink.

Yes, I know the word ‘Pink’ is odd in that name but may be it is to cover her real name though there was no necessity to do that.

But the way she handled a hysterical child who became too difficult for her mother to handle impressed everyone. This big drama happened in mid air, almost 35000 Ft, so I think it is not exactly correct to say ‘mid air’.

We were flying from Washington to New York when this happened. Shortly, Tracy was able to calm the down the child without any medication and this was what drew much praise from the air hostesses and of course from the mother too.

T. Pink credited Western Schools for her Nursing Education. Because of her not so pleasant early family life, she had determined to become a doctor in mental health but ended up taking a course in Psychiatric Patient Care after getting trained as a basic nurse in Western Schools, accredited by American Nurse Credentialing Center.

Western Schools, Pink informed us, is said to be the leader in continuing education for Nurses and their Nursing Education standard is top rated by several big hospitals in the U.S.

When the plane landed, everybody stepped away and allowed her to alight first, out of gratitude.

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