Friday, June 29

Are you a Bath Connoisseur?

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is for me.

I was really curious about what it is and hence decided to have a look. I stumbled on to this word in a spam email to me two days before. However, I made a note of he word and searched for it and here is what I have learned.

The image below has several bottles that are known to be skin care products.

Archipelago Botanicals Yuzu Bath Collection.

Product info:
Archipelago Botanicals Yuzu Bath Collection, Yuzu Body Creme. Yuzu – the refreshing Japanese grapefruit – provides the perfect base for this collection of skincare products. Blended with premium ingredients and powerful antioxidants, these products protect, soothe, and keep skin looking young and healthy.

I think I should try this for once. Looks very tempting to me.
Thank you

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