Friday, June 8

Relax! Buy sports tickets online.

My cousin plays basketball for his university in America. He has been playing since 4 years.

He takes up the left wing because he is a natural left hander and he is good. I watched him play last year when I visited U.S.

When I expressed my wish to watch Miami HEAT play live, he laughed at me. He added that getting a ticket to watch them play is near impossible unless one buys way ahead.

Sure, he said, we can buy sports tickets online from several online tickets brokers but the time was limited for us. However we tried our luck with Premium Seats USA, the number one sports and concerts tickets seller.

But, ‘Sorry’, was the message as all Miami Heat Tickets were sold out. My cousin told me that if I extend my stay for a few more weeks, it is possible to buy tickets for their next game.

How can I, as my visa period was running out. Do you know what I did; I bought a ticket for him for the next game that Miami HEAT scheduled to play and arranged to send it to him through FedEx. I remembered to buy it from

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