Thursday, January 6

Ostrich and lion steal the show.

The weather is pleasant here at this time of the year. Even at 3.00 PM, there is a mild chillness in the air. I thought it is an ideal time to browse through my favorite of book of rare natural facts. I have not opened it since last October.

Some of them really amused me and I though I would share a few rare facts with you.
* Have ever you seen an Ostrich running? It is a delightful sight to watch. They are graceful runners. Do you know they can run faster than horses?

* Here is a new, rather unknown fact. Contrary to the popular belief, the lions are selective hunters and they definitely don't spend their entire time hunting down. I read that they have a limit of just 20 killings in a YEAR! Here is another interesting fact. The lioness does 90% of the hunting!

While both the above seem to be authentic, I can't say the same about this:
Cows have four stomachs!

Want to see an Ostrich dance?

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