Friday, May 2

Do you know Wile E. Coyote?

Wile E. Coyote is considered as one of the best inventors of our era.

The cartoon character that will never catch the road runner is simply known as Coyote. Man, am I mad about this greatest cartoon film ever made. Road runner is the favorite of billions of people of all ages.

Here is a character that has been blown up, smashed, electrocuted, run over by a train, truck, a steam roller, cut in half, set on fire, fallen from every known height, been shot out of a cannon, clung to a speeding rocket sled, tied rockets to his back, his shoes, and faced countless other dangers all to attain his goal, catching the Road Runner.

I could very well image or am I thinking so his creativity setting his Brian ablaze with possibilities after possibilities in the cartoon to make you wish the road runner escapes always.

Source: Wikipedia and Inventor spot

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