Wednesday, May 7

How may marks of silver?

I was once a paid subscriber to a website that helped me to identify the various hallmarks given to silver. Do you know that there more than 40 different kinds of hallmarks in as many shapes and characters?

I am sure many are not aware of this fact. Most of us don’t even ask the owner of the precious metals shop about the quality of silver or gold we purchase. All we are concerned about the price and appearance of what we buy.

Prior to my subscription, I too was not aware silver hallmarks. There are a few websites that teach us the basic things free of cost. Now I have stopped my subscription because I have bookmarked my source of purchase of precious metals to Monex, the number one dependable precious metals dealer in the U.S.

From Monex, whatever I buy, I don’t take delivery; I request them to arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

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