Saturday, May 31

Giant web completely cocoons 10ft high bush.

Have you ever seen a web spun by a caterpillar? No, I have not seen it either.

Here is a web spun by caterpillars that almost covered a 10 ft high bush. This strange sight is attracting thousands of people.

The web spinning is started by thousands of caterpillars all at the same time. This world wonder is seen on a hawthorn bush on the side of a country lane near Gloucester.

Do you know that caterpillars feed on hawthorn and cheery trees and this web is woven to protect themselves from predators?

What is amazing is the fact that within weeks, a tree can be completely stripped of its leaves by the thousands of writhing caterpillars - in webs which can quickly grow to 30 square feet.

Safe from predatory birds and wasps, they also pupate in the web, spinning themselves a hard cocoon where they stay until emerging as moths.

Source: Daily Mail

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