Friday, May 9

Do you know Blue Ridge Parkway?

See, without ever visiting America, I have gained lots of geographical knowledge about it that my sister, a resident American used to amaze at my knowledge.

Sometimes, she learnt new information about her own surroundings from my conversation.

One of the many scenic drives in the U.S. is the stretch of 469 miles along the Southern Appalachian Mountains and linking two eastern national parks — Virginia's Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

My sister always tells me that one should visit America during the fall season to see the brilliant fall foliage is in full effect. But Yahoo recommends taking a drive along this breath taking scenic drive even during May to witness the profusion of wildflowers in bloom along the elevated mountainsides.

Courtesy: Google Images

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