Thursday, July 27

Do you know how a digital compass works?

Neither do I know.

But then who is interested in the technicalities, when in the first place, not even aware of its existence and uses.

May be only a small piece of news of history is worthwhile writing about, that the compass was invented in
China in 4th century AD.

Auto anything, which is in the top ten in the google search results about GPS navigator, is very comprehensive about digital compass.

Voice command and 3D map:
This great device is fantastic when you have lost your way or felt disoriented.
It not only points you in the right direction, and can go as far as giving you voice commands and a 3D map to keep you on point and on schedule.

With this tool beside you, you can avoid the depressing feeling of lost in maze of highways and numbers.

Saves fuel:
You must agree that you will save a lot of fuel when you are not driving about everywhere instead of reaching your destination taking the shortest route between any two points. In that sense, digital compass is a must possess device.

Pre-loaded points of interest:

When you plan to travel by car on a week end trip, surely you intend to stop at a few points on the way like gas stations, ATMs, banks, rest stops, restaurants, businesses, landmarks, parks, shopping and even random roadside attractions.

Your GPS can give you accurate directions to any of these, or provide you with the nearest point of interest to your pre-established route. Points of interest listings in your GPS can also include the phone number for the restaurant, business or store you're looking for.

Isn't that a great navigation help?


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