Friday, July 14

Do you know self cleaning toilet?

How it works?
The bowl is sealed with a super smooth glaze that has microscopic holes fewer than 30 nanometers.
Because they are smaller than bacteria or mould particles, there is not enough room for debris to get lodged in the porous surface. Flushing is all we have to do.

Thats the power of nanotechnology, which is going to change our way of living completely.

We are all almost unaware of what is going on in this nanoland.

Let me tell you briefly about the technology itself.
Nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of matter smaller than 100 nanometers.

What is a nanometer?
If a person was a nanometer wide, then 13 million of them, standing together side by side, would fit into our thumb nail.
Or one million nanometer fit into a millimeter.
Do you understand the magnitude (or the lack of it)?

More discoveries:
Socks that don't get smelly;
Pants that resist stains;
Windows that repel grime;
Tennis balls that keep their bounce;
Golf balls that correct their own flight path;

All these result from exploring the world of very very small.

Stronger than steel:
Ray Baughman, a professor at the University of Texas, has created a new material that is stronger than steel, transparent and very light.
A hectare size sheet would weigh just 280 grams.

Obviously there are much more interesting facts which enthrall you, so I request you to read the latest Reader's Digest.

Acknowledgement with gratitude: Reader's Digest

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