Saturday, July 22

Disney’s wisdom when saw a lack in service.

Readers, please take the liberty to correct me if I am wrong.

I remember clearly. It was about 6 months ago, I was whiling away my time flipping through a magazine. A piece of news caught my attention and I continued to read.

Disney was visiting an entertainment park with this mother. He experienced some poor service which he saw as an opportunity and thus formed a seed in his mind to develop an amusement park.

Well, that is history now. Now the famous Disney land is established in more places and Orlando is one of them.

Today, Orlando welcomes more visitors each year than the population of California - over 43.3 million (2000 statistics), which makes Orlando the number one tourist destination in the world.

While most of them stay in one of 100,000 hotel rooms and visit 7 major theme parks, a new generation of tourists prefers Orlando Vacation Home.

Because of the exciting options provided by to spend a leisurely holiday with your entire family, travelers prefer their accommodation that suits their life styles.

*This includes real estate in upscale gated neighborhoods;
*golf course communities;
*charming, old-fashioned towns, rural communities and areas with excellent schools;
*historic homes and luxury condominiums with great views of the city;
*vintage homes in the historic neighborhoods of Thorton Park, Lake Eola Heights, Lake Lawsona, Lake Cherokee, and Lake Copeland.

Backed by 20 years of property management service, has been the choice of tourists who would like to spend their holiday in style.

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